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Fur, Feathers and Scales

This term we will be learning about different animals and identifying different animal groups.  We begin our learning with a visit to The Tropical Butterfly House where we will be learning about different animal groups. Our role play area will be then transformed into our very own Tropical Butterfly House to reflect this topic and encourage children to explore and communicate their learning about the


PSED: We will be looking at how we have changed over the year and setting goals for the transition into key stage one this term. As well as trying new activities this term children will be encouraged to develop their personal and social skills through team work, co-operative working challenges especially in Forset Friday activities which will form part of our enterprise showcase. They will also begin to use equipment on the field and Key stage one yard during structured outdoor play as part of their extended transition into Key Stage One.  


Communication, language and literacy learning will focus on forming, reading and writing complete sentences. This will include reading and writing stories, poems and some information texts. To link with our topic we will be reading the following books:


Rumble in the Jungle

Meerkat mail

Owl babies

Peter Rabbit


Mathematical Development: we will be focusing on recognising, sequencing and using numbers to 20 in our calculations - especially subtraction. This we will also include some problem solving activities, such as doubling, halving and sharing linked to our topic. Children will also investigated shapes, space and measure within the topic including taking measurements for different animals in the role play area and identifying properties of different shapes.


Knowledge and Understanding of the World:

  • The world: Our learning will focus on animals this term, investigating similarities and differences between different types of animals.  We will also look at how animals change as they grow.
  • Technology: Children will use technology for different purposes including taking photographs, making videos and directing Beebot.
  • People and Communities: Children will be encouraged to share their experiences including those they have with different animals, pets or visits to see animals. Children will be encouraged to recognise that people have different experiences with animals and be sensitive to other children's feelings.
  • RE: We will be looking at the story of Noah and how he prepared for the changes he faced


Physical Development: This term we will be doing some multi skills in our PE sessions, including throwing, catching, kicking and skipping in preparation for the sports day. We will begin to have some of the sessions outdoor on the field as part of the transition for key stage 1. We will also be developing fine motor skills through activities such as threading, weaving and moulding.



Forest Friday: this will continue with a focus on caring for plants and animals - please continue to send children with warm outdoor clothing, wellies and gloves to enable them to enjoy this time to the full. As part of our learning about Fur, Feathers and Scales we will be exploring the animals which inhabit the school environment.  The children will be planting vegetables in our school garden and hopefully harvesting some before the end of term!  We will continue to monitor the changes we can see week on week as the seasons change as part of our long term study of the environment. 


Please keeping checking this page for updates and pictures of our learning.



Author of the Term: Beatrix Potter


We will be reading books by Beatrix Potter this term as many of the children have told us how much they love the stories, TV shows and film based on these books.  If you have any at home children are encouraged to bring them in and share them during story time. If you want to read more of these books they are available to borrow through the Rotherham Library Service.


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