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Use the information from the lesson to create a timeline to indicate stages in the growth and development of humans. Draw a picture for each stage, add the name of the stage and the age that it happens. 

The stages are as follows: 






Late Adulthood / Old Age 


For the next 3 weeks we will be looking at narrative (story) writing and in particular the genre of Science Fiction (sci-fi).

Today’s task is to explore the sci-fi genre by reading about the features of this story type:



We would then like you to watch these short clips of parts of sci-fi movies. In all of them the main idea is that a person, or people, have been shrunk and go on an adventure inside the human body! This will be the main plot for your own story.

Inner Space - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlJ_JrWIoPs&t=61s

Fantastic Voyage - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MOJmnQH4Q0

The Simpsons (please note: Most episodes of The Simpsons are rated U but this episode may be rated PG) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQT5YtI9ecA 


In PSHE this half term we will be looking at the unit ‘Healthy Me’.

To start have a look at the PowerPoint. Can you guess the answers to the ‘Who/What am I?’ questions? What do all these answers have in common?

Today you are going to be acting as an Agony Aunt, you should advise the character needing to take responsibility for the ‘problem’ and also offer them suggestions to improve the situation. Pick a scenario from the PowerPoint and write a letter with your advice.


There are many ways you can experiment with focusing on the breath.  One fun way is to play the dot-to-dot breathing game. This is a very simple game that can help you feel settled and calm.

Please note that you will need to print the sheet to play. Alternatively, you could recreate the pictures with dots then play the game.  


Research the six stages of the human lifecycle. This task links with your current science topic and will hopefully give you a greater understanding of each life stage! The following links will help you with this but you can also find your own information! Present your finings however you like, this could be on the computer in a word/PowerPoint document, by drawing a poster or by creating an information booklet or fact file.





Look at the Sci-Fi story openers PowerPoint

Continue the story. You can be as creative as you like. Your story should be a short story with a simple beginning, middle and end. Try to add in expanded noun phrases and speech (as you have covered these topics this week in your SPAG lessons). You can also include any other features that you would use in school – for example, a range of punctuation, simple, compound and complex sentences, relative clauses, etc.

You will have today and next Tuesday to write and edit your story so don’t make it too long or complicated!


Every Friday you will have the opportunity to complete a poetry challenge.  There is a different poetry challenge for each week this half term.  Just locate the poem online (on the link below) and then answer the questions after choosing your level of difficulty – mild, spicy or hot.

Here is the link for this week’s poem.



For Music this week use your personal log ins to access the Charanga portal. You will be able to access the modules we would have covered in class.


This half term the students are looking at the topic 'The Olympics' (unit 11) under the 'Intermediate' heading. This week we are on lesson 1.

Link: https://www.languageangels.com/schools/
Password: lahome


For this week's PE you will need to go to the website imoves.com and go to the home learning area.

You can log in using your class ID: 36737 & password: Frog

Once you have logged in, you will not need to do so again (unless you deliberately log out). 


Each week you will find 5 different exercise and fitness videos to have a go at during the PE session.

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