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W/C 23 3 2020 Detective Dog

Monday 23rd March: Rhyming Detective


Good morning- this week we have planned our learning around the book ‘Detective Dog’ by Julia Donaldson.

Here is a link to a reading of the story on you tube:


Look at the story together and talk about the characters, pictures and events.

Notice that this book is a rhyming book.  Your daily challenge is to investigate word that rhyme.  Here are some ideas and resources to help you.


Tuesday 24th March: Character Detective

Your challenge today is to tell us all about the character of Nell. Reread the story with the children. Using pictures from the book as a prompt, talk about some of the things we know about Nell. The online link for the book is below.

Think about what she looks like and what characteristics she has (e.g good sense of smell, likes to read stories, friendly, solves problems). Talk about the adventures she has.

Possible questions to ask: What kind of a character is Nell – good or bad? Hero or villain? What adventures does she have? How do we know this? What does she do to solve the problems? What does she do that makes her special? What is she good at?

To take this learning further you could:
• Draw/ paint or make collage pictures or model of Nell
• Create a wanted poster and then use full sentences to describe Nell and what she is like.
• Make a video for a news report about Nell and her amazing sense of smell.
• Make crime scene for Nell to investigate (who has stolen all the crisps/ biscuits etc)
• Become a detective and solve your own mystery!

Or you could come up with your own ideas!
I have added a PDF with some ideas for this book in the resources section below  if you want to look for more activities to try.   Remember to let us know what you get upto

Wednesday 25th March Sniff Sniff Sniff! Smell Detectives

Reread the story with the children talking about events, characters and setting.


Nell has a very sensitive nose and can identify everything. Your challenge today is to investigate some different smells. See if you can match different smells to pictures or food packets. You could make some smelly playdough, find some different smelling plants, make some smelly potions, create smelly paints or find some other ways to test your sense of smell!

Take this learning further:

  • Learn more about the nose and how we smell. What other senses do we have?
  • There are some great websites with ideas about senses, here are a few examples.

Espresso also have resources to support this learning.   Please send your learning activity pictures, videos etc to class Dojo portfolio or messages.

Thursday 26th March: shape detectives

Reread the story with the children. Using pictures from the book as a prompt talk about some of the problems Nell has solved.


Nell would like some help, someone has been stealing shapes with only straight sides.  Can you help her to find some things which would be these shapes?


You could make a shape collage, draw some shapes with straight sides, collect toys or objects with straight sides, go on a shape walk around your garden and take photos of things with straight sides. Or find another way to investigate shapes with straight sides.


Here are some websites with games and resources to support learning about shape.

I have added some printable resources for you to choose from if you wish.

Espresso also have resources to support this learning: please see the list of websites for details of address and login

Take this learning further:

  • Use masking tape, lollipops, matchsticks or straws to make some shapes with straight sides.
  • Make some shape pictures or do some shape printing

British Values day

Today your challenge is to investigate British Values: here are some ideas 

  • Democracy: you could hold a family vote (about what to eat, what to watch on TV, what book to read etc)
  • Rule of Law: you could make a new game with your own rules to follow or follow someone else’s rule to play a game.
  • Individual Liberty: making choices for yourself and being independent. Why not make your own lunch today?
  • Mutual Respect and Tolerance: share your toys or treats with someone else today.


To link to our story about Nell you could also investigate police dogs using the ideas below.

  • Find out about how dogs help the police.
  • Think of some questions to ask a police dog handler?
  • Use your own toy dogs to make a story about a police dog.
  • Design or make something which might help a police dog - maybe something they could carry or wear

Esspresso and Cbeebies have some resource’s including videos about police dogs which you could look at. Here are some examples:


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