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Autumn term

Welcome back to Year 1. 


I know that it has been a very long time since some of you have been in school and you may be feeling very nervous. It can be a big change moving from Foundation stage into Year one but I can't wait to welcome you into school and have been working very hard to make sure your new classroom is as exciting as I can make it. There will be lots of exciting areas still, just like in Reception. There are small world trays, sand trays, a role play area, exciting book corner and lots of interactive areas around the room. 


Our topic throughout the Autumn Term is 'Incredible Me' where we will be learning about ourselves and looking at how we have grown and changed. The KS1 teachers have worked hard to ensure our planning revisits any potential lost learning from the Summer term and have incorporated this into the new year. 


One of our most exciting things will be creating a timeline of our lives where we will be using photographs of how you have changed since being born. Can I ask that you send in up to 6 photographs of your child in an envelope showing changes of your child since they were born (e.g. newborn baby, baby, one year old, two year old, three year old, four year old). We will be using these to create a timeline and will stick them down. These photographs and timelines will be sent home at the end of the school year. Please feel free to start sending these in from the first day of school. 


Below is a summary of our intended learning for this half term:



Poetry - Senses Poems (2 Weeks)

Traditional Tales (3 weeks)

Narratives - Personal Timelines (3 weeks)



Number and Place Value (4 weeks)

Addition & Subtraction (4 weeks)



Animals including Humans



Changes within living memory - Personal Narratives



Internet Safety







Belonging to a community
Being me in my world



Countries of the UK

Continents and Oceans

PE (Outdoor)



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