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Covid-19 School Response

Please see the letter below about the reopening of school to all pupils in September. 

Opening to Y5 children 

RE: provision for children in Y5

We have been delighted with the successful reopening of school to the targeted year groups.  The children have settled back into the routines and are enjoying their learning. 


Now that the first phase of our reopening has been successfully completed and we have tested our procedures and protocols, we are aiming to bring more children back into school.  This is in response to government advice that where possible schools should open to more children before the end of the summer term. 


After canvassing some of the Year 5 parents we have been able to establish that we have capacity to open to this year group for those who wish to return. The rationale for opening to the year 5 children is so that we can prepare them for entering Year 6 next year.  This will support the children to make a smooth transition.  Their learning time over the next few weeks will include gap analysis, baseline assessment and forward planning for September.  We are now able to offer places in two groups of up to 15.


 Please read the attached letter which give details about how to request a year 5 place for your child and provides some information about the organisation for their return.

Requests for a place must be made via telephone to the school and need to be completed before 12 pm on Thursday 25th June at the latest.

Changes to Year 6 Learning Bubbles


We have been delighted with the successful reopening of school to the targeted year groups.  The children have settled back into the routines and are enjoyed their learning. 


Now that the first phase of our reopening has been successfully completed and we have tested our procedure and protocols, we are aiming to bring more children back into school.  To facilitate this from week commencing Monday the 29th June the year six children will be taught in 2 bubbles of 15.  This is still in line with government guidance.  Having 2 year 6 learning bubbles will increase classroom and staffing capacity.  This will facilitate the year 5 children to return to school.   Teachers will organise the grouping and we will make sure that your child is with a friend

Letters to parents concerning reopening to Year 5 and changes to Year 6 provision

Wider reopening of school to Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 children 

RE: provision for children of Critical workers, Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 children


We have been asked by the government to extend our provision beyond the critical workers and vulnerable children to include Nursery, Reception, Y1 and Y6 pupils. We are now in a position to provide you with a detailed plan, having carried out extensive risk assessments and consulted with parents. The plan below may be subject to change should government guidance change or due to staff absence due to COVID 19.


Reopening will be staggered over a 2 week period from the 2nd of June.  We have grouped the children into ‘learning bubbles’ of up to 10 children. School will be open usual hours Monday to Thursday and on Friday until 1pm. Critical worker provision will remain Monday to Friday usual hours from the 1st of June.


We will be continuing to assess the risks, test our systems and protocols and adapt the plan in line with the government guidance and in consultation with Diocese Academy Trust. We will notify you of any changes to the plans as and when they occur.  Please be patient as we embed these arrangements as we work to ensure we provide the best care for all the pupils and our staff.    


Please see the attached letters for details of the plan, including timings, organisation and protocols. 



Easter Holidays

We are almost at the end of the second week of home learning.  We have enjoyed seeing the wonderful home learning you have sent in via Dojo. We have had some creative and imaginative responses to the daily challenges we have set! Well done.


The next two weeks would have been our Easter holidays and we will be taking a break from our daily home learning challenges. We realise that many of our plans will have had to change as a result of the current national emergency.  I am posting some creative family challenges for you to try, which might give you some ideas for the 2 week break. These are posted below this message. The activities have been sent to us by Rotherham creative learning centre. There are 100 challenges – you don’t have to do them all but there should be something for everyone to enjoy. There are other ideas and activities on their website if you want to take a look: http://www.rotherhamclc.org.uk/


Enjoy a break from home learning and have a Happy Easter.  The daily challenges will restart on Monday the 20th of April.

Mrs H Hall


100 Activity Challenge

Key workers update letter

COVID 19: Information for parents 


Please find information around the schools response to this national emergency. Updates will be posted here as well as on the School's Dojo account. Key documents and letters can be found at the bottom of this page. Thank you for your support 

Home Learning Guidance

 We recognise that this is a stressful time for parents as many of you will be trying to manage working from home with home schooling your children. All the staff at Treeton Primary are working hard to provide support for the children and their families at this difficult time.

We hope that you are all managing to access the home learning challenges which have been set on class pages and on the website.

The staff are mindful of the balance you are trying to achieve at home. The learning challenges they set are flexible and should be completed at the child’s pace. We realise that some children may manage to complete all of them, while others may only manage some.

Each home situation will be different and finding the best way for your family may take a little time and adjusting. We encourage parents to be guided by their children as not all children will learn in the same way.  
Try and take each week at a time, we know there are just under two weeks left of term time until Easter.

You could try putting together a timetable with your children, working collaboratively with them so they can feel like they've had a say in this timetable. I know that many of you have already started to do this and find it helpful to provide some structure.

Focus your efforst on core learning skills - for example try to encourage some daily reading in your schedule

Keeping children active is as important as keeping them mentally stimulated.

Exercise guru Joe Wicks has launched a campaign to help children stay active over the coming weeks and months. PE with Joe, a live workout every Monday to Friday at 9am, has specifically been designed for children. Excercise such as walks and playing in the garden all will help to provide an outlet for their energy.

I hope this is helpful. There are lots of examples of home school timetables and plans online which you could look at to help you decide what kind of routine will work in your unique situation.


Mrs Ball and Mrs Hall

Summary of week 1

We are almost at the end of week 1!  We have had some fantastic messages of support and feedback around the learning challenges we have set for you to complete at home.  We hope that you are enjoying your challenges and would love to see what you have been doing. Although the teachers may not be able to reply to all your messages, they would love you to send photos of your learning to Dojo for us to see.

You can do this either on the portfolio section if it is available or by attaching them to a message on Dojo.

I know that many of you have created rainbows and are displaying them in your windows. Please send in pictures of these so we can see how this message of hope is being shared within our community. 

We are ever mindful of the challenges you face as you home school children in these difficult times. If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing resources or need additional support for a specific problem please let school know via the usual methods of communication. We will try to assist wherever we are able.

Support for home learning during enforced school closure 


As you know we are managing a complex and unprecedented situation which is rapidly changing.  We understand that this is creating uncertainty and anxiety and are working hard to provide as much support via remote links as we can.  Please find the letter with details of the support we have put in place for this difficult and challenging time. This includes a list of websites and logins for you to use. We may add to this over time so please check the website and Class Dojo. Each class page and class Dojo page will display regular learning tasks from the teachers. They will also provide links if required for specific learning tasks.

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