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Educational Visits

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Spring Term 2020


This term we will be spending the day at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield ( Here we will learn all about a range of new sports, and try lots out for ourselves. We will learn all about keeping fit and healthy.


Autumn Term 2019


In the Autumn Term we visited Grimm & Co in Rotherham ( and then Rotherham Children's Library ( . We took part in a writing workshop and entered the magical, mystical 'Writer's Pad' where we created a story together and developed our writing skills. We created a story as a class called Spiky and Rainbow Had a Fight! We then wrote our own endings to this story and all received copies of these to keep and treasure.


We then visited Rotherham Children's Library where enjoyed learning about how a library works, how books are ordered and organised and  read a range of books for pleasure, finding out what makes a library a fantastic place to visit! A FANTASTIC DAY WE WILL NEVER FORGET!

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