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W/C 14th September 2020


We are continuing to look at place value.

Complete the sheets on rounding and counting in powers of 10.


Game - take a dice to create a 6 digit number then round it to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10,000.


This week, we are looking at modal verbs, fact and opinions and persuasive speeches.


1. Complete the sheet on modal verbs (1 star is easy, 2 stars is medium, 3 stars for a challenge).

2. Watch the video and complete the quiz on fact and opinion:


3. Write your own facts and opinions about World War 2.

4. Create a script for a persuasive speech asking parents to evacuate their children to the countryside. Remember to include all the persuasive language features we have looked at (DAFOREST).


Don't forget to read for 20 minutes each day as well!

Topic Work

1. Imagine you have been evacuated to the countryside. Write a letter to your parents. Include things about your family, new school, the train ride, new friends and your feelings.

2. Create a propaganda poster persuading people to grow their own food to help the war effort. You can use the slogan 'Dig for Victory'. Research this and propaganda posters to help you.

3. Research the Islamic fasting time of Ramadan and the festival of Eid. Create a fact file about what you have learnt.

4. Practise your throwing and catching skills so you will be ready for our rounders games when you return.

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