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Friday 8th January

W/C 4th January 2021



This week we will be looking at short multiplication. 

Here is a short video to explain how to do this method: 



Have a practise of this using a dice or playing cards to create numbers to multiply.

Start with 2 digits by 1 digit, then 3 digits by 1 digit and 4 digits by 1 digit.

Then try the following worksheets to practise. 


Don't forget, knowing your times tables will really help with this so make sure to spend some time on Times Tables Rock Stars! 



This week we will be looking at poetry. 


1. Read through the different 'Anatomy' poems - Which did you like? Why? Which didn't you enjoy? Why? Rank the poems from best to worst. Have a go at learning one of the poems and performing it for your family! 


2. Similes, metaphors, personification and onomatopoeia are all language features used in poetry.   

Look at the different PowerPoints and activities to better understand these features. 

Have a go at writing your own examples of each. 


Topic Work 


This week we start our new topic 'Amazing Anatomy'. 


Here are some tasks: 


1. Research the circulatory system. There are many websites available to do this. Here are a few: 






2. Draw and label a anatomically correct heart or lungs. 


3. Read the PowerPoint on Medieval medicine and make a poster. 


4. Read the PowerPoint on this term's artist Damien Hirst. 


5. In PSHE, our new topic is 'Hopes and Dreams'. Imagine you are a famous person in your chosen career. Write a speech explaining how you achieved your dream. 


6. Below is a word search using science vocabulary that we will cover this half term.


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