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Thursday 2nd April

I have attached another maths challenge booklet for tomorrow (answers are on the last page).

As we have been looking at poetry this week, your writing challenge is to write a poem about how you feel about the current situation in the UK. How are you coping with staying in and home learning? Your poem can be any style. Maybe it could rhyme, be an acrostic poem or something more free verse like Michael Rosen's style. Don't forget to add language features such as similes, metaphors, onomatopoeia or personification.

Write it up in your best handwriting and add in illustrations.

Wednesday 1st April


Good Morning!

Here are a couple of maths puzzles to get you thinking:


1. A square triangle ?????????
It may seem very peculiar to you but I've just drawn a triangle where all the angles are square.
No, I don't mean right angles or 90 degrees- that's impossible!
What I do mean is that each angle, measured in degrees, is a square number.
Can you tell me how many degrees each of the angles is?

Clue: the total of the three angles
in a triangle is 180 degrees.
Can you remember what
square numbers are?
Try 1 x 1, 2 x 2, etc


2. Find a number with its letters in alphabetical order.

 Example: "five" has "fiv" in alphabetical order, but not "e".


3. Using the numerals 1,7,7,7 and 7 (a "1" and four "7"s) create the number 100.

 As well as the five numerals you can use the usual mathematical operations +, −, ×, ÷ and brackets ().

 For example: (7+1) × (7+7) = 112 would be a good attempt, but not right, because it is not 100.

Answers will be sent later today!



Answers for the maths challenges!

1. 100 + 64 + 16
2. Forty
3. There are lots of solutions but here are a couple:
177-77 = 100
(7+7) × (7+(1 ÷ 7)) = 100

Science activity - friction.
This is one we were going to be doing this week in school.

Design a new brake pad for a bike or scooter. You will need to find out which material creates the most friction and stops the wheel the quickest.

You will need:
A bike or scooter
A range of materials

Firstly, make a prediction to answer the question 'Which material will be the best for the brake pad?'

Then wrap the card in a different material, and time how long that material takes to stop the wheel. Complete this with each different material. You could use a table to log your results.

Finally, write a conclusion for your investigation.

Remember to make sure your experiment is a fair test!

Tuesday 31st March

Today your challenge is to retell the Easter story. This can be through a storyboard, artwork or a story (maybe a modern retelling).

I have also sent some Easter maths challenge cards.

Don't forget to check out Espresso too - either for coding or any other subject research.

Monday 30th March

Morning Everyone!
I hope you had a good weekend and enjoyed the sunshine last week!
This week, in school, we were due to look at poetry - in particular, Michael Rosen.
Here is his Youtube Channel:
Watch and enjoy some of his poems. You could even try learning and performing them to your family.

Thursday 26th March

Good Morning Everyone!
Hope you are all okay and keeping safe and busy.

Before school closed we were looking at explanation texts. Over the next two days, your challenge is to design a time machine that can take you back to the 60's, 70's, 80's or 90's.
I would suggest starting by drawing and labelling your machine. Then create a flow chart with notes on how it works (Today).
Then write your explanation using causal language and a formal tone (Tomorrow).
Below is a PowerPoint that will help remind you about explanation texts.

Wednesday 25th March


Good Morning everyone!
Hope you are all okay and doing well.
Have you seen the school's rainbow gate?
Your challenge for today is to create you own rainbow (I know some of you may have already). Try to be as creative as you can! This could be a painting, collage, knitting, even baking rainbow cookies!

I wanted to remind you of some maths websites for games and challenges. 

Times Tables Rock Stars (you can even challenge me)

Top Marks

The Maths Factor

Esspresso (Log on sent yesterday)

There are loads more too - just search online.

Today's Maths Challenge!
Lolla bought a balloon at the circus. She gave the clown six coins to pay for it.
What could Lolla have paid for the balloon?
Find all the possibilities and write them down in a systematic way.

Today's Writing Challenge!
Write a story with the following title:??The Phone Call.
Make sure you edit and improve your work.

Don't forget to read for at least 20 minutes also!

Writing challenge for Tuesday:
In 100 words or less, write a story about a wild animal stalking its prey in the jungle!

Log onto Esspresso Coding
User name: student27319
Password: treeton1
Try any of the Year 5 or 6 coding activities.

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