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Thursday 2nd April 2020
Good morning everyone- the sun is finally shining again,

Today's learning will consist of maths, internet safety and some PE.

Staying safe online - Log on to Espresso, KS2, Computing, Online safety. Watch the videos and complete the activities. Then you need to create a poster to show your grown ups, brothers or sisters how to stay safe online.

Remember it needs to include:
- a big, bold, colourful title.
- paragraphs of information with a subheading (to explain what the text underneath will tell the reader).
- pictures to show your reader exactly what they should or should not do to stay safe online.

PE - You may be enjoying the Joe Wicks daily PE sessions online (on his YouTube channel). But there is also the iMoves resources which we use in school. They have changed their packages so it is free for everyone to access at home.

The website is:

The website has 'Daily Blasts' which today focus on maths skills. But there are many other themes and activities to try out, including well-being and calming activities if your brains are a little tired from all of your hard work.


Maths- the White Rose Maths scheme of work is setting daily challenges for all year groups. Please complete Week 1, Day 1 for your year group. Feel free to complete the year below if you find it too tricky!

There is a video to explain the learning, questions to complete in your work books (and answers too).

Good luck- you can do it!!

Don't forget to let us know what you have been up to.
Enjoy the sunshine.

The website link below (click on the image of the globe under this text) is for Rotherham Creative Learning and has a wealth of resources and activities to support learning at home for the whole family. 

Please keep in touch if you complete any of these activities- we really do appreciate the feedback!

See you soon.

Wednesday 1st April
Good morning! I hope you're all very well and staying happy and safe.

Today's maths work is to complete the maths challenges that Mrs Oxley set for you all yesterday. If you complete this, try to get 100 more coins on Times Table Rock Stars.

Today you will also be looking at STEM. This may be a word you hear in the school environment but what does it actually mean?? ๐ŸŒž

The term stands for -

๐Ÿงช Science
๐Ÿ–ฅ Technology
๐Ÿ— Engineering
๐ŸŽฒ Maths

Try out some of the experiments, (depending on what equipment you have at home) and remember it’s all about having FUN, you don’t need to be a scientist, an expert in technology, an engineer, or a mathematician. Although you probably do need some help from a grown up!!

You could also write up your STEM experiment(s) in your work books and draw a labelled diagram to show what you did and what happened during your experinents.

We can't wait to see what you've been up to.
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Tuesday 31st March

Good Morning everyone.

Hope you are all doing well J

Today and tomorrow there is a Spring Maths Booklet to work through.  One for Year 3 and one for Year 4.  Do some activities today and continue with them tomorrow. Thank you.

Don’t forget your daily reading for 20 minutes!

How are you getting on with your stories about The Tiny Dragon?  Please carry on with your stories for your Literacy work.  We look forward to reading them!


As you have been busy painting rainbows, why not have a go at the attached science experiment and create a real rainbow?  Fingers crossed for some sunshine today so that you can do this! J

Take care everyone.

Mrs Oxley, Mrs Knowles & Miss Wiggett.

Monday 30th March

Good Morning everyone!

Hope you have had a good weekend and you’re keeping busy and well!

For today’s maths, follow the link below to learn and remind yourself about finding the area of a shape.

Then complete the attached sheets.  You can do one or both of them.

Reading Comprehension

Can you complete the reading comprehension about Easter.  (The stars at the bottom of the page on the comprehension indicate the level of difficulty- there are 3 levels.  Choose the level appropriate for you.)

Writing Task for Mon 30th and Tues 31st March

Can you write a story about the picture attached? The first sentence has been written to help you get started.  You can be as creative as you like! 

We look forward to hearing all about the things you’re doing to keep busy.

Take care and have fun!

Mrs Oxley, Miss Wiggett and Mrs Knowles.

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 27th March

Good Morning everyone!

Hope you are all well and have been enjoying the sunshine and staying safe.

As Mrs Collins mentioned yesterday, today would have been British Values Day in school.  So today, we would like you to write a set of rules for your household/family.  To help you decide what your rules will be, there is a power-point attached about why we have rules.  Have a look at this before you write your own set of rules for your household.

In maths, can you find the perimeter of the different shapes?  Remember, perimeter is the distance around the outside edge of a shape.  There are 2 sheets attached.  Complete the first activity and then have a go at the second if you wish. The second sheet is more challenging!

Reading- Remember your daily reading challenge of 20 minutes every day!


Can you make some shadow art? Why not spend some time in the sunshine (when the mist clears!) and choose some objects to create shadows.  Draw around the object’s shadow at different times in the day to see how it changes.  Look at the attached photos for some ideas on how to do this!

Have fun!

We’ll post more activities for you on Monday.

Let us know how you are getting on and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Oxley, Mrs Knowles and Miss Wiggett

Good morning (Wed 25.3.20)

Maths - Start with the addition and subtraction games on topmarks today:
If you want to do more, choose games from another unit (as long as they are from the 7-11 tab)

Literacy -Write an information text or poster to explain how someone younger than you can stay fit and healthy. You must include both text and pictures and include information about: food, exercise, sleep, staying clean and anything else you think should be included. 

Science today with a little experiment you can do at home- see the attached sheet below for details!

You may have seen our rainbow gates at school. Your art task today is to make one too (look online for inspiration and ideas if you wish). You could use coloured pencils, paint or even bake and decorate some rainbow cookies!

Don't forget your daily reading too!

Good morning (Tuesday 24th March)


Just to let you know that Myself (Mrs Knowles), Mrs Oxley or Miss Wiggett will continue to set work via Dojo and the school website every day. If you would like to do additional work with your child, there are many resources available online (see the letter that was sent home last week for websites and log-ins).


Today's work is:

 - Maths will focus on times table practise (question sheet below)- how quickly can you complete the questions on this sheet? If you want to do more, can you get 100 new coins on Times table Rock Stars?

- Literacy today will be around the play script below. Children can explain to parents about the features of the play script (What are the brackets for? Why are the names written down the side of the page? What do 'scenes' mean?). Then you can act it out for (or even with) your parents.  You could always write your own play script too for a challenge!

- Coding 2.0 is your last piece of work for today- go to:
Block Coding (tab)
Level 3
Sequence and Animation
Lesson 1 - Stepping Through Space
(If you are struggling with Coding 2.0, try 1.0 and go on one of the Year 3 or Year 4 units)


The log in and password for this on the letter that was sent home. A reminder is:
Username: student 27319
Password: treeton1


- Reading is so important and we hope that your child will read for 20 minutes each day. This could be independently or out loud to you or their siblings - please record this is their reading diaries. This could include anything: reading online, magazines, football manuals- anything they wish!

Good morning,
I hope we are doing well and staying safe!
I will be attaching work on Class Dojo and the school website from now.
In Maths, there are 2 worksheets. The first is dividing by 10 and 100 and the second worksheet is multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100.
In Reading, I have attached two comprehensions about Theseus and the Minotaur. The second sheet is more of a challenge.
In Grammar and Punctuation, there is a Powerpoint on co-ordinating conjunctions with some example questions and answers. There are two worksheets about co-ordinating conjunctions too.
Children should complete these in the books that were sent home last week.
The answers for Reading and Grammar are on the bottom of each sheet. Children can check the answers to their Maths using a calculator or by yourselves.
Thank you in advance!
Miss Wiggett, Mrs Oxley and Mrs Knowles

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