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W/C 9.11.20




This week we are revisiting phase 4 phonics: 



Revisit and review





Practise recognition & recall of Phase 2 & 3 graphemes and reading and spelling CVC words :- jog, jam, win, web, wax

Teach reading CVCC words by extending CVC words –ten –tent; ben –bent; dam –damp; pan –pant etc...

Play ‘Countdown’ . Use a sand timer or clock. Chn have one minute to read as many CVCC words on list as possible.  Encourage children to sound out words. Repeat can they beat their score?

Have children help puppet to read the sentences

It can be fun to camp in a tent.

I like jam said the man.


Practise recognition & recall of Phase 2 & 3 graphemes and reading and spelling CVC words :- van, vet, jet, jack

Teach spelling CVCC words by extending CVC words-  pin –pink; sin –sink;


Play ‘Countdown’ again. Make a different list of CVCC words. 

Have children help puppet to write the sentence

 It is damp in the pink tent.


Practise recognition & recall of Phase 2 & 3 graphemes and reading and spelling CVC words :- fox, tax, mix, vex, zip, zag

Teach reading CCVC words by adding initial sounds to CVC words – t-rip, s-can, s-pin, s-top, l-and, s-ink

Buried treasure. Give each chn two coins with CVCC words /nonsense words on them. Chn work in pairs to read their coins. Ask chn to sort their words into ‘chest’ or ‘bin’. Go though each with w/reading & checking words.

Have children help puppet to read the sentences

It was dark when the lamp went out.  Sam cannot see now.




Don't forget you have access to a range of phonics books by following the link: 




Find your log in on class dojo or let me know if you need it resending home. 


Monday - Read the sentence and add the information that is asked. 


Tuesday - Read the tricky word phoneme spotter and find the phase 2 and 3 tricky words.


Wednesday - Can you complete the comprehension challenge below? Answer the questions about the short story. 




Monday: L.I - To identify characters in a story 


This week in Literacy we are looking at the story of 'Funny Bones'. You can watch the story on youtube. Follow the link below: 



Can you watch the story and talk about it with your family? Who are the characters? What do they do? What did you like about the story?


Challenge: Draw your favourite part of the story . You could do this on black paper using white pencils, paint or chalks. Can you add a sentence to say what is happening in the picture? 



Tuesday: L.I - To verbally retell a story 


- Listen to the story of Funny Bones again. 

- Today you are going to try to verbally retell the story to someone in your house. 

- Can you draw pictures to help you create a story map to retell the story? Or use the story map below to help you retell the story.


Funny bones story map


Wednesday: L.I - To sequence events from a story 


- Practise retelling the story using your story maps from yesterday. How well can you retell the story?


Discuss story mountain: Structure of a story - 



Who are the main characters? What do they do? What happened in the story? What is the problem? How is it resolved?

Discuss the language in the text – repetition (dark dark town etc)

- Look at the pictures below - can you sequence the pictures to help retell the story? You could print off the photographs below or you could draw your own pictures of the key parts of the story (beginning, build up, problem, resolution and ending). 



In maths this week we are going to begin looking at addition and subtraction. 




This week we will be celebrating 'Bonfire night' and the story behind it. 


Using Espresso home access follow the link: 




Can you create your own bonfire night picture? 

Could you write down some facts learnt from watching the video about Guy Fawkes? 


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