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Mrs Armitage on Wheels 9/11/2020

Our Story 

This week we are reading the story Mrs Armitage's wheels as part of our topic on the  move. Here is a link to the story



Design a new bike

We have been playing a word game called Mrs Armitage's bike where we add an a new thing to the bike. It goes 'Mrs Armitage's bike has got .... 'then each person adds a new item (e.g. bell, horn, basket etc. (a bit like I went shopping game). Can you play this with your family and see how well you remember the different things. 


Listening for sounds 


In phonics we are listening for sounds and trying to match them to the object or thing making the sounds. You could play I hear with my little ear something that makes the sound (woof, woof, ring, ring etc) using sounds around the house.  There are some good games for this online and I have added some a home learning sheet to the resources for you to use too. 







Making road signs


As part of our learning we are looking at road safety and road signs. Can you make some road signs. You could use paper plates, card, lollipop sicks, tubes etc to make them. I have added some ideas below or you could use the template for road signs is in the resources section. 

Road signs

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