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Our Learning

Our learning this term will focus on stories which feature the character 'The big bad wolf'. As part of this learning we be leaning about what characteristics make a hero and a villain. We will be looking at a range of different books and identifying which characters are heroes and villains.  


PSED: This term we will be learning to build relationship and make friends in our class. There will be lots of opportunities for children to build their play alongside and with other children, taking turns, sharing resources and sharing ideas. There will also be opportunities for the children to build their self confidence and adapt their behaviour to different social situations. 


Physical development: Children will travel in different ways around the setting using bikes, obstacles, climbing equipment to build their gross motor skills. In addition to this Reception children will take par in 30 minutes of PE each week. Fine motor skills will include using small tools, cooking activities, gardening and mark making. 


Communication, Language and Literacy: We will be learning to listen to stories, join in with songs and rhymes and share ideas about what they have learnt.  Our learning will be drawn from first hand experiences including cooking, designing and exploring the environment. We will also investigate some nonfiction texts using information from books, posters, leaflets and the internet.


Reading: children will read with an adult each week and will bring reading books home to share with you. Please check reading journals for details. We will also share stories as a class.  

Some books we will  read as a class this term  include: 

The Three Little pigs

The Magic Paintbrush

Little Red Ridding Hood

Preston Pig


Writing: Children will practice recognising and writing their names using a name card to help them. There will be lots of opportunities for children to explore mark making in different areas of the classroom.


Phonics: Phase 1, 2, 3 and 4 phonics sessions will be taught daily. 


Creative learning  Children will draw on first hand experiences, with opportunities to create pictures and to investigate colours, textures and smells and to make models linked to our learning inspired by some of the vehicles are learning about.


Mathematical Development:  we will be focusing on counting and using numbers. This will include some problem solving activities linked to our topic. Children will also investigated shapes, space and measure within the topic including making models, taking measurements and using directions to find clues.


RE: As part of our RE learning we will be reading some stories from the bible. 


Knowledge and Understanding of the world: Children will be using their senses to explore how different vehicles move, explore different environments and notice changes around school. 

Forest Friday will focus on harvesting the plants sown last year and we will be tasting some of these. We will also have a number of journeys around the school grounds linked to the topic. 


Please keeping checking this page for updates and pictures of our learning.

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