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It is an exciting time in your child's life as they are learning all of the time. Each week your child will have the opportunity to change their school library book to bring home. Please send this book in your child's book bag every day so that we can change it each week.


Reading at home

We encourage children to read at least three times a week and have a rewards system in place to encourage home reading. Please share the books that we send home with your children by looking at the pictures, showing children that text is read from left to right, identifying where the words are on a page, talking about what is happening and what might happen next. Please record any books your read to your children in the home school diary so that we can see what you have been reading and how the children have got on. 


If you would like some extra support to help you read with your child feel free to talk with myself or Miss Rooke and we will be happy to discuss some strategies and ideas with you.


Better Reading Partners


As a school we encourage parents and carers to come into school to support with reading. As part of this initiative we offer some training around reading with children. If you feel you could spare a regular slot each week to come in a read with children in school please see myself or any of the staff who will be happy to help. Existing better reading partners state that they not only enjoy their time in school but that it has also helped them to support their own children's reading at home. 


Bug Club

As a school we subscribe to an online reading scheme called Bug Club. To access this site use your child's log in details at www.activelearn.co.uk.  During the first term the children will all be issued with user names and passwords and books at an appropriate level will be placed in their online book bags. 


Here are some things they will are learning throughout the year to prepare children for reading.


Letter sounds

Your child will start to learn about letter sounds - this is called phonics. This will mostly be done through oral activities, singing, nursery rhymes and language games.



Your child will be encouraged to recognise familiar words, such as his/her name and names of friends and family members.


Book talk

Your child will be learning about how a book works: how to hold a book correctly, how the text works (read it left to right), how to turn the pages, and how a story sounds (familiar beginnings and endings).


Favourite books

Sharing and reading favourite books is encouraged both at home and school. This will help children to learn how stories work. Retelling stories build up children's memory and language bank. There will also be lots of opportunities to use books and other texts to look for information.


Songs and rhymes

Songs and nursery rhymes will be taught and your child will have many opportunities to look at books and listen to stories read out loud by the teacher or from audio stories, ipad apps, television and websites.


Fun and games

Having fun and playing is especially important at this age; so much learning is structured through play, both inside and outside the classroom. Dressing up and role play, construction play, art and creativity, team games and board games can all support reading as well as wider language development.


Letter shapes

Your child will probably start to form letter shapes - usually beginning with letters in their name. There will be opportunities to take part in lots of early writing activities - in the sand, air, play dough, plasticine, as well as on paper and to use writing tools. Your children will learn that, like a book, you write from left to right. Don't expect their writing to look perfect at once - it takes a great deal of practice just to control the pencil.


Practise at home

To support your child at home, talk lots, sing together, read lots and practise the sounds they learn at school and any of the fun actions they learn to help them remember the sounds. It is important to encourage them and share in the pleasure learning brings.



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