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Spring 2 Once upon a time- a Knights tale

This term we will be using traditional stories to inspire our learning.  We begin with the Story Cinderella.

We have our own castle role play as part of our imaginative play and will have lots of opportunities for the children to respond to the stories in their learning. We also have a potion lab for children to experiment with in the water tray.

There will also be a special visitor linked to one of the stories later in the term.


PSED: This term we will be focusing on emotional wellbeing as part of the recovery curriculum. We will be building on the children's relationships with their peers.  There will opportunities to develop cooperative play with other children, taking turns, sharing resources and sharing ideas. We will also be looking at ways to recognise and manage their feelings.


Physical development: Children will travel in different ways around the setting using bikes, obstacles, climbing equipment to build their gross motor skills. In addition to this Fine motor skills will include using small tools, cooking activities, gardening and mark making.  Children will be supported to develop a pencil grip and to use lines, shapes, pictures and letter like shapes to communicate their ideas.


Communication, Language and Literacy: We will be using sentence stems to encourage children to speak in complete sentence and to use words like and, because to extend their ideas. We will be developing language skills including encouraging children to answer how and why question, to ask their own questions and to learn new words linked to our theme.

 Reading: children will read with an adult each week and will bring reading books home to share with you. Please check reading journals for details. We will also share stories as a class.  

Some books we will read stories and sing rhymes as a class. Here a a few we will be learning together




The kiss that missed

Small Knight and George


There was a Princess long ago

Puff the magic dragon


Writing: Children will practice recognising and writing their names using a name card to help them. There will be lots of opportunities for children to explore mark making in different areas of the classroom.


Phonics: Phase 1 phonics will be taught daily.


Creative learning  Children will draw on first hand experiences, with opportunities to create pictures and to investigate colours, textures and smells and to make models linked to our learning and inspired by their interests. This will include drawing and making castles, shields and experimenting with potion making.  


Mathematical Development:  We will be looking at comparing numbers, recognising some numerals and matching sets. We will also investigate what happens if we rearrange a set of objects.  Children will also investigated shapes, space and measure within the topic including making models, comparing capacity and weights especially in our potion lab.


RE: As part of our RE learning we will be reading some stories from the bible and learning about Chines new year. 


Knowledge and Understanding of the world: Children will be using their senses to explore different environments and notice changes around school. This will include looking at spring growth as the weather changes.  We will be applying our learning to make models, solve problem and design objects for the story characters.


Forest Friday: We will be investigating weather changes and how these affect our school environment. We will also begin planting in our garden  

Please keeping checking this page for updates and pictures of our learning.

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