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Term 1 Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf

This term our Topic is Heroes and Villains and for the first half term our focus is 'Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf'. We will be reading some traditional stories and exploring the big questions 'What makes a hero? and What is a villain? 


 PSED: This term we will be looking at different emotions and how our own and others behaviour can affect how we feel. We will be learning to help each other and finding ways to be friendly and kind.  We will also be thinking about ways to stay safe. 


Physical development: Children will travel in different ways around the setting using bikes, obstacles, climbing equipment to build their gross motor skills. In addition to this Fine motor skills will include using small tools, construction, gardening and mark making including some letter formation. 


Communication and Language: We will be learning to listen to stories, and join in with repeated phrases to retell a story together.  We will be asking and answering questions to share ideas about what they have learnt. We will be developing language skills including introducing some new words linked to our topic. 


Reading: children will read with an adult each week and will bring reading books home to share with you. Please check reading journals for details. We will also share stories as a class.  

Some books we will read stories and sing rhymes as a class. Here a a few we will begin with

The Three Little Pigs 

The Magic Paint Brush

Little Red Riding Hood

Preston Pig Stories 


Colin McNaughton will be the author of the term. 


Writing: Children will practice recognising and writing their names using a name card to help them. There will be lots of opportunities for children to explore mark making in different areas of the classroom.


Phonics: Phase 1 phonics will be taught daily.


Creative learning  Children will draw on first hand experiences, with opportunities to create models, act in role, use different media to express their ideas using pictures, music and construction. 


Mathematical Development:  we will be focusing on counting using number songs. Children will also investigated shapes, space and measure within the topic including making model house for the Thee Little Pigs, comparing sizes and weights especially when we investigate the houses we build for the pigs. 


RE: As part of our RE learning we will be reading some stories from the bible including some parables such as the Good Samaritan and the Two Builders . 


Knowledge and Understanding of the world: This term we will be have a STEM challenge to build hoses for the pigs. 

 Children will be investigating how things work and why things happen as they test their building skills against the Huff and Puff of the Big Bad Wolf.  In our outdoor area the children will be using their senses to explore different environments and notice changes around school. 


Forest Friday will focus on observing changes including looking for signs of spring. The children will be learning about how to help wildlife through the colder weather, including making feeders for the birds. We will also be planting the new garden with some bulbs and early plants. 


Please keeping checking this page for updates and pictures of our learning.

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