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W/C 18.1.21



Use each of the time conjunctions (from the word mat above) to write a sentence. You should have 20 sentences if you do them all. 

Our Artist for this week is Barbara Hepworth. 


Below is a fact file all about her life and art. There is also a PowerPoint to look at. This contains you art task for this week. 

In PSHE this week we have asked students to research their dream job. There is a work sheet available to help guide this research. 

They will need to find out about and record:

• Job title

• Job description/main duties

• Qualifications needed

• Salary

• 3 steps needed to take to achieve my dream job, e.g. work hard at school, get some relevant work experience (mechanic/hairdresser), go to university, work in my dad’s shop, etc.


Your task is to draw, paint or create a piece of art representing God.

Think about the ways in which we have described him and the features of the pictures we have seen.

Choose the descriptions/features that represent the way you see God.

Focus on who God is rather than what he looks like.


Over the next 2 weeks our new writing focus will be 'Explanation Texts'. 


Today your writing task is to explore the features of an explanation text. Look through the ‘Explanation Text PowerPoint’ and create a poster showing the different features of this text type. Try to say what is important and why and give examples of some of the features. 


Task: Write short explanations on the following (be as creative as you can: there is no wrong answer)

  • Why don’t rainbows wobble in the wind?
  • How do baby aliens feed?
  • How does a unicorn fly?

Each explanation should use at least 3 causal conjunctions.


Why is it dark at night?

The Earth is always moving which means that it is constantly spinning on its axis. Because the sun is in a fixed position, the part of the Earth where the UK is situated is not always in the sun’s rays. As a result, it is dark at night.


Students need to log into Espresso to start their new coding unit. This week we will be looking at tags and texts.

To get to this search for discovery education > log in > coding > HTML >Introduction to HTML > tags and texts

Username: student27319

password: treeton1

For this week's PE you will need to go to the website imoves.com and go to the home learning area.

You can log in using your class ID: 36737 & password: Frog

Once you have logged in, you will not need to do so again (unless you deliberately log out). 


Each week you will find 5 different exercise and fitness videos to have a go at during the PE session.


Over the next 2 weeks our new writing focus will be 'Explanation Texts'. 


Next week, you will be writing an explanation text on 'How the Circulatory System works'. 

Before you can write this, you will need to plan your writing. The best way to to this is using a flowchart (see example below). 

Create your own flow chart about the Circulatory System using your research from last week and the below weblinks to help. 









For Music this week use your personal log ins to access the Charanga portal. You will be able to access the modules we would have covered in class.


This half term the students are looking at the topic 'at school' under the 'Super Challenge Level' heading. This week we are on lesson 3.

Link: https://www.languageangels.com/schools/
Password: lahome

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