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W/C 4/1/2021 Elves and the Shoemaker

This week we will be reading the Elves and the Shoemaker. We will be measuring our feet, designing some shoes, thinking about the events and characters in the story. See the power point below for a version and the links to online readings/ videos and activities linked to the story. 




Friday 8/1/2021


Challenge 1: 

Acorn the Elf has been practising writing her name today. She used straight and curved lines. Your second challenge today is to practice writing your name. You could write it in pencil, felt tip pen, chalk or have a go at writing it with your finger in shaving foam, corn flour and water or sand. Think carefully about the letters used in your name. Maybe you could say some of the sounds or play with the sounds to make some silly sentences for the phonics game challenge. Please send me pictures so I can see your learning.


Challenge 2

Challenge 1: alliteration game. can you make up some silly pagrese using the same sound. You could use your name to start with. maybe Millie makes muffins or Jolly Jenson jumps,  Lotty likes laughing.

Thursday 7/1/2021

Acorn the Elf has been measuring her feet in the role play area this morning. She wonders how long your feet are.


Challenge 1: measure your own feet and see how long they are. Maybe you could draw around them, make some painted footprints, measure your feet next to someone else's in your house or one of your teddies to see who has the longest foot. Some good words to describe the size of the different feet would be long, longer, longest, short, shorter, shortest, bigger, smaller. Remember we measure the length of feet from heel to toes.


Challenge 2: Design a new pair of shoes for either Acorn the Elf or yourself.  You could draw, paint, make a collage or even make some shoes from materials you have at home. Think about the shape, style and colours your use.  What will the shoes be used for? 


Challenge 3: Phase 1 phonics  Alliteration (words that begin with the same sound)

Alliteration is a lot of fun to play around with; your child’s name can be a good place to start e.g. Say Millie makes music,  Casper caught a cat, Jolly Jenson jumped, Tristan is talking, encourage your child to think of other ideas for their friends, family or toys e.g. May munches muffins. 


Please let me know what you get up to- you can send a message, pictures, videos or photos on either the portfolio section or via messages on dojo. Enjoy your learning

Wednesday 6/1/2021


On Monday we met Acorn the Elf and started reading her favourite story the Elves and the Shoemaker. She is really sad that she can't see you at the moment. Please could you cheer her up by making her some pictures or models of Elves. You could draw, paint or make your own elf or even make some elf ears and become an elf for the day. Acorn and I would love to see what you do. Please post pictures, videos etc to the portfolio or messages on Dojo.


I have added some printable resources and the version of the story we started to read to the resources.  The story is quite long - I usually read it in parts over the week. you may want to ask some questions such as how is the shoemaker feeling? what kind of characters are the elves? why is the shoemaker surprised? as you read. 


You could also have a go at finding some shoes in your house and looking at how they are similar and how they are different. You might look at size, shape, materials they are made from and when/ where you would wear them

Have fun with your learning challenges.

Tuesday 5th January

Today our home learning challenge is going to be to learn about different traditional tales. Later this week we will be discussing the different characters and settings within different stories and will start to read the story ‘Elves and the shoemaker’. 


Your task for today is to tell me what your favourite traditional story is and why. Please read the story and then try and retell the story by acting it out, drawing a picture, writing about it or using toys.  


A traditional story is a ‘once upon a time’ story e.g. Little red riding hood, Goldilocks and the three bears and The three little pigs.  


I look forward to seeing what you create.  

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