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W/C 8.2.21



Read the information about Keith Harring then have a go at creating your own artwork in his style. Remember that bold colours, cartoon people, shapes, black outlines and some movement lines are elements present in Harring’s work


If you are stuck for ideas, use the link below. It will take you through step by step to produce a piece of pop art in the style of Keith Harring.





Today’s task is to write a balanced argument on the question should organ donation be made compulsory?   Remember that a balanced argument provides information on different points of view and does not lean towards one particular opinion. It allows the reader to make up their own mind.


Use your notes that you made on Thursday to support you in this task and remember that you can go back to the writing resources uploaded last week (w/c 1.2.21) if needed.


The attached document showing the correct structure of a balanced argument will help you. As well as this, there are two WAGOLLS (what a good one looks like) to support you.


Thursday’s writing tasks will be to edit and improve your balanced argument. After this session, please share your balanced arguments in your portfolio. We look forward to reading them.



There is no worksheet for today’s lesson. Please complete the activity, which is shown at the end of the video. This will allow you to practice the skills for tomorrow’s lesson.  


This week we will be looking at adding titles, paragraphs and images.

To get to this search for discovery education > log in > coding > HTML >Introduction to HTML > space page

Username: student27319

password: treeton1

For this week's PE you will need to go to the website imoves.com and go to the home learning area.

You can log in using your class ID: 36737 & password: Frog

Once you have logged in, you will not need to do so again (unless you deliberately log out). 


Each week you will find 5 different exercise and fitness videos to have a go at during the PE session.


Today’s writing task is to edit and improve the balanced argument that you wrote on Tuesday.

After this, please share your balanced arguments in your portfolio. We look forward to reading them.


Below you will find a checklist that you are familiar with when editing and improving your work. Read each question carefully and if you can answer with a yes, move onto the next question until you complete them all.


Can I check my use of punctuation?

Can I spell check my work?

Can I improve my vocabulary choices?

Can I check for errors in tense?

Can I add extra detail in my arguments?


Can I use a semi colon or a colon?

For Music this week use your personal log ins to access the Charanga portal. You will be able to access the modules we would have covered in class.


This half term the students are looking at the topic 'at school' under the 'Super Challenge Level' heading. This week we are on lesson 5.

Link: https://www.languageangels.com/schools/
Password: lahome

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