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Reception children have a short timetabled sessions for PE. This is in addition to the physical activity they will access throughout their day within the learning environment. PE sessions will include learning sports skills, playing games, dance and gymnastics. The lessons will link closely to the children's learning in other areas of the curriculum. Children will use both indoor and outdoor provision for their sessions. Getting changed into PE kit for these sessions is a key part of their physical and social development promoting independence. Please ensure that your child has a PE kit that is easy for them to change into and out of on their own. If you are unsure of the PE kit please refer to the welcome pack where this is listed.


Please ensure children do not wear jewellery including earrings on this day for reasons of health and safety. They will also need to have appropriate kit and long hair should be tied back.




Reading at home

Reading is a key priority for us and we encourage children to read at least three times a week at ho,e. We have a rewards system in place to encourage home reading.  Your child will be issued with a book in the first 2 weeks so that you can start to enjoy reading together. Children progress through the reading levels at different speeds . For most children the books we send home will be for you to share together at first, looking at the pictures, identifying where the words are on a page, talking about what is happening and what might happen next. Some children may already be  able to read to you and books that match their level will be sent home for them to share with you. Please record the reading in the home school diary so that we can see what you have been reading and how the children have got on. 


If you would like some extra support to help you read with your child feel free to talk with myself or one of the teaching assistants and we will be happy to discuss some strategies and ideas with you. We also run workshops to support reading and writing strategies.

Better reading partners


As a school we encourage parents and carers to come into school to support with reading. As part of this initiative we offer some training around reading with children. If you feel you could spare a regular slot each week to come in a read with children in school please see myself or any of the staff who will be happy to help. Existing better reading partners state that they not only enjoy their time in school but that it has also helped them to support their own children's reading at home. 

Bug Club

As a school we subscribe to an online reading scheme called Bug Club.  During the first term the children will all be issued with user names and passwords and books at an appropriate level will be placed in their online book bags.  Further information about this resource will follow during the 1st term and we will begin using the scheme once the children are at an appropriate stage to access it. We will use the books in school during guided reading and the children who have already used the scheme have loved the characters.  We will also use the resources during stay and play activities later in the term once the children are familiar with it so either myself or one of the teaching assistants  can give you a quick guide then.


This is the web address  and the children's log in details were stuck into their reading records at the start of the year


Forest Fridays 

Each Friday the children will take part in outdoor learning activities based on forest school learning principles.  These principles use a range of learner centred activities to promote the holistic development of those involved.  Activities take place in a natural environment to support the learners relationship with the world around them. The activities foster resilient, confident, independent and creative learners. They offer learners opportunities to take supported risks appropriate to the environment and themselves.  Within these sessions we care for our garden area, including planting and harvesting crops. Children will need

  • wellies (in a plastic bag with names on) 
  • coats
  • gloves (gardening if possible)
  • sun hats (in summer months)
  • sun cream (in summer months)



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