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Welcome to our Geography page. Here you will find all documents that are relevant to the Geography curriculum.


At Treeton Church of England, we follow the national curriculum for teaching Geography. The teaching of geography sits under our over-arching curriculum policy which encompasses the threshold concepts, breadth of study and the milestones for progress by year group and key phase. The key threshold concepts that we teach are:  


Investigate places - This concept involves understanding the geographical location of places and their physical and human features.


Investigate patterns - This concept involves understanding the relationships between the physical features of places and the human activity within them, and the appreciation of how the world’s natural resources are used and transported.


Communicate geographically -This concept involves understanding geographical representations, vocabulary and techniques.


Additionally we believe that a high-quality geography education should inspire a curiosity not only in our local environment but in the world that we live in. Therefore fieldwork is a key part of our geography curriculum. We recognise the importance of providing children with first hand experiences and opportunities to apply their geographical skills practically.


We are a member of the Geographical association which provides up to date information on geography and supports us in our teaching of geography. Here is a link to this useful resource: https://www.geography.org.uk/


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