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Week Commencing 21st September



I have attached one document from ‘classroom secrets’ where you have to count how many objects you can see (Please don’t feel like you have to complete all of these in one week). I Have also attached one document from ‘twinkl’ where you have to trace the numbers and match them up to the correct amount.



This website has some maths games to support what we are teaching this half term.

The games we are using in school are ‘Teddy Numbers’ and ‘Underwater Counting’.



There is also a free ‘interactive whiteboard’ you can use for on the link above. This allows you to use a 5 frame and other useful resources where you drag the correct amount on the screen.


Alongside this, you can sing nursery rhymes such as ‘three blind mice, 4 in a bed, 5 little men in a flyer saucer’ etc.


(Please do not feel like you have to complete all of this. I just wanted to give you a range of activities/ ideas).




We have been reading the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ this week.



Use this link to listen and join in with the actions/refrains in the story. (Michael Rosen performs We're Going on a Bear Hunt)



I have attached a document from ‘twinkl’ that we are using in class. The children are drawing a picture of what happens next in the story in each box. Once they have drawn a picture we are labelling the picture e.g. grass, mud, river etc. (This can be supported by an adult by sounding out the letters in the word or writing the letter in the air before writing it on the page).


Alongside this we have been drawing pictures of our favourite teddy bear/our ideal teddy bear and labelling some of the features e.g. brown, eye, fluffy etc. (I have attached this document too).


Finally, we have been practicing our pencil control and practicing writing our name. I have attached a few documents with some pencil control activities.







In phonics we are learning the sounds ‘s,a.t.p’.



The link above is the songs we sing to teach each sound.  (We teach one sound per day).


I have attached a document to practice writing the sounds, matching the sounds to pictures and read some words with the sounds in them.


Alongside this we also teach some ‘High Frequency Words’ which are words that are read often/words that we see on a regular basis. The children need to be able to recognise these words and use them in a sentence.

The High Frequency Words this week are: is, in, it & at.

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