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Music Knowledge and Skills progression EYFS - Year 6

Knowledge in music:


Knowledge is broken down into two main types:


1.Substantive knowledge: knowing about the technical and wider elements of music (the facts).
2.Disciplinary knowledge: knowing how to apply this knowledge in practice to control sounds and create music.

Children learn about technical elements of music as they progress through school. Their knowledge of the technical elements of music become increasingly complex and deep as they return to them regularly at each stage of their learning.


Technical knowledge in music includes:

- The accurate production of sounds using the voice, an instrument or music technology.

- The ability to use staff notation and other systems such as learning by ear or chord symbols for the communication of music.



Children also gain constructional knowledge and understand of the musical elements used in performance, composition and listening. This includes knowledge about the components of composition: what we need to include in compositions and how we put a composition together.


Finally, children gain expressive knowledge about musical quality in performance, composition and listening. So, for example, they learn how to add tone and expression to their performance by varying the use of dynamics. This improves the quality of their musical performance. By studying composers, they find out about how the expressive knowledge composers use in their music and compositions too. In our school, we study a breadth of composers to expose children to a wealth of musical experiences from across the world and throughout history. This includes popular music, classical music and musical from around the world.

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