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Reading at home

At Treeton C of E Primary we see reading as a priority as it is a vital skill for life. Once children have mastered the basics of decoding words it is important that they continue to read regularly both in school and at home to build up fluency and confidence. They also need to develop a deeper understanding of the texts they read by asking and answering questions.


We read with your child on many occasions each week in school. Each week your child will ideally read twice, usually in the form of a  reading group with their class teacher and individually with a teaching assistant. There will be many other opportunities for reading through their Literacy lessons and daily phonic sessions.


We consider reading to be the main focus for homework and we ask that you make time to read with your child three times a week. We check reading diaries each week and award stickers for reading 3 times at home.  Your child will be provided with a phonetically decodable book either in a physical form or through our 'Bug club online book bag'. Bug club logins will be given to you within the first few weeks of school- once we have got to know the children a little more. This can be accessed through tablets, ipad's, computers or phones. They will also receive a coloured book band reading book which they may find slightly more difficult to read as these are not always fully decodable books. Therefore this gives children the opportunity to practise other reading strategies alongside phonics. 


Your child will also receive a 'phonics pack' with sounds and tricky words which they have learnt over the year in phonics. This will be added to weekly. More information on this will be shared over the first few weeks in school. Their phonics home learning challenge will either be words to learn linked to the phonics sounds they have learnt that week or a phonics task again linked to the phonics they have learnt that week. 


If you have any questions about how we teach reading or what you can do at home to support your child's reading please feel free to ask. Thank you to everyone who has supported us with the reading initiative so far. Rewards will be announced at the end of term.


Better reading partners


As a school we encourage parents and carers to come into school to support with reading. As part of this initiative we offer some training around reading with children. If you feel you could spare a regular slot each week to come in a read with children in school please see myself or any of the staff who will be happy to help. Existing better reading partners state that they not only enjoy their time in school but that it has also helped them to support their own children's reading at home.

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