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The learning environment



             Editing Stations

             Each class in KS1 and KS2 has an ‘Editing Station which includes:

  • Green pens for editing/ redrafting writing.
  • Green paper slips for adding / changing writing in the book.
  • Spelling lists of statutory word lists for the appropriate year group.
  • Examples of cursive handwriting
  • Editing cards for punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • Additional word lists appropriate to the weekly writing focus will be provided by the class teacher


Children are expected to use these resources independently in UKS2.



Every class uses a list of ‘Non-Negotiables’ for writing which is displayed on the wall.


             Working Wall

Every classroom will have a wall space clearly visible for children where supports for the current writing focus will be displayed.  These may be:

  • Word lists/ spelling lists
  • Examples of text type
  • Examples of spelling patterns
  • Modelled writing/examples of text, punctuation or grammar.
  • Shared writing examples
  • Word Classes Posters are displayed in every classroom near the working wall


            RVI- (Robust Vocabulary Instruction) 


Vocabulary Instruction takes place 3x per week in KS1 and 2, focusing on Tier 2 Vocabulary.

There is a vocabulary wall in all classrooms.  This consists of bricks with a focus word stuck on each brick. Every 2

weeks a new set of Tier 2 words are added to the vocabulary wall. (KS1- 6 words, KS2- 10 words) Every half term,

the words will be taken down ready to display the next set of words

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