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Collective Worship and Worship council

In our church school, the daily act of Collective Worship is an important part of the school day.  Class collective worship, key stage collective worship and whole school collective worship are all used to provide children with the opportunity to plan and perform in some acts of collective worship.   Although our emphasis is on Christianity, we learn about, and from, other world religions. Our collective worship sessions are also sometimes linked to our PSHE themes. We stress the similarities between religions and try to understand, accept and respect each other’s differences. Children may be withdrawn from participating on religious grounds if parents make a request. We use a range of fantastic resources to structure our Collective Worship


Worship leads


We have a  keen group of children who form our worship leaders group. Each class has at least one worship leader. They promote and support the schools Christian ethos and the delivery of collective worship. They meet regularly as part of our Worship council. They also drive social action projects forward, such as developing further links with St Helen's church and regularly visit it. 


Our fabulous Worship leads regularly plan and lead our Collective Worship. They open every Collective Worship and end with a prayer. They are supported by Mrs Hallewell to plan our whole school Collective Worship. They plan these around current themes (e.g. Remembrance Sunday/Anti-bullying week), bible stories, other religions or PSHe themes. Below is an example of our Worship leads delivering a Class Collective Worship 














Picture News


We are a Picture News school. Picture News is a fantastic way for our children to learn about the world around them and each story has close bible links and links directly to our British Values. An example is shown below:





Collective worship during lockdown

Virtual Christmas 2020

As we were unable to invite parents into school to join our Christmas services and nativity performances, videos of the childrens' performances were uploaded to the class pages of DOJO. The children contributed to a whole school Christmas service which they watched at the same time in class. As part of these we recorded the children's voices singing Love shone down which was used as part of the Rivers Team candle light service. 


Spring Term 2021

There will be regular assemblies available for you to view each day, posted DOJO. A selection of these assemblies and some worship videos recorded by the 'Rivers Team' are also available. 

Once restriction are lifted we will of course look forward to sharing our times of worship and prayer as a school community once again.

Please click on the link below to see some of our online assemblies 

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