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W/C 17th January

In class, we have been working on writing to inform in the form of a newspaper article.

Linked to our ‘Through the Decades’ topic, we have explored the significant event of 1969 when Neil Armstrong and his crew landed on the moon. Your task is to write a newspaper article informing the public about what the American astronauts accomplished. You can use the knowledge you have gained, research more or use the supporting information to complete the task.

This can be typed and created on the word document provided.

In the January reading pack there are a range of reading comprehensions for children to choose from. Ideally, one should be completed each day. The number of stars on the text indicates the level of difficulty - 1 = mild 2=spicy and 3 hot (most challenging). 

Answers are included.

Robust Vocabulary Instruction (RVI)

Each week we teach children the meaning of new/ unfamiliar vocabulary. This is known as Robust Vocabulary Instruction (RVI).  We share five new words a week and these are taken from the weekly reading comprehensions explored in class. Although the children will not be able to do all the activities with the absence of a teacher/ adult to work with them, it would be beneficial for them to learn and understand the meaning of this week’s words.


Here are the White Rose links for our numeracy learning this week. Watch the video link and then complete the worksheet. 

Monday: Understand percentages  (https://vimeo.com/492101741 please note, this link does not appear to be working at present)

Tuesday: Fractions to percetages   https://vimeo.com/492449530

Wednesday: Equivalent FDP  https://vimeo.com/492474663

Thursday: Order FDP  https://vimeo.com/497582311

Friday: Percentage of amounts  https://vimeo.com/497642809


This half term the students are looking at the topic 'Do you have a pet?' (unit 6) under the 'Intermediate' heading. This week we are on lesson 2

Link: https://www.languageangels.com/schools/
Password: lahome

In science this week, we will be exploring our solar system and finding out interesting facts about each planet including our own. Children can complete the planets poster with facts or they can create their own.   

For the geography task, children should watch the PPT and then describe the different geographical locations and characteristics of the different locations of the Americas using the template provided.

In computing this week, the children will be learning how to identify secure websites.  Children should read the pdf attached and then create a poster showing the different ways a secure website can be identified. The Clues I Can Use pdf has the purpose of providing prompts for children by asking them to consider several questions. The answers to these can be illustrated on their poster.

We have Mindfulness Wednesdays where we give the children a mindfulness activity to complete each Wednesday. The ones attached can be completed on Wednesday or on every day while they are at home.

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